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The Heritage Digital Campus is being run over two weeks. It is pretty comprehensive in its offering and so could be overwhelming when first engaging with it all. Aware of this we thought it would be good to break it down somewhat and group courses together around your role in your organisation depending on what that role is.

If you are hands on technical staff needing to know the nitty gritty of digital capture then the courses offered in The Technical Package are likely to be the ones that will meet your need.

If however you are a decision maker and need to have the big picture so you can lead your institution into this area and wisely handle service providers then The Decision Maker’s Package is going to contain the courses that you need.

Of course you may be both or need to be aware of both, straddling both the practical how to and be able to motivate funders, senior management and others to get on board. If that is you then the Full Heritage Digital Campus Package is likely to be for you:

Register for:

The Technical Package: Week 1

The Decision Makers Package: Week 2

The Full Heritage Digital Campus: Weeks 1&2

Individual Courses from the Heritage Digital Campus

All bookings with associated payments close on 26 March 2013

Package Cost
The Technical Package: Week 1 R8,500 (5% discount on courses)
The Decision Maker’s Track: Week 2 R10,600 (5% discount on courses)
Full Heritage Digital Campus: Week 1&2 R18,000 (10% discount on courses)
Individual courses from R495 to R4995 each


Meals: All courses include complimentary morning or afternoon tea.  Those doing full day courses get teas and lunch included.  Those doing full week packages include teas, lunch and dinner.


Other steps:

Read the programme

See who the trainers are

Find out what others have said

Start planning your trip


For assistance with booking contact Nicky Kidgell on nicky@africamediaonline.com

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