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Building a Digital Archive: Framework for an Organizational Digitization Strategy – capturing and describing

Code: HDC001

Presenter: David Larsen

Venue: Schlesinger Theatre

Date: Tuesday April 2, 2013

Duration: 1 hour

Style: Lecture

Participants: 60

Prerequisite: None

Cost: Nil if registered on any course

In this brief session David Larsen, Managing Director of Africa Media Online, will give an introduction to the Heritage Digital Campus as a whole.

What content will be covered?

David will give an introduction to the framework which underlies the whole of the Heritage Digital Campus, the 10 processes for building a digital archive. He will do this giving particular emphasis on the Capturing and Describing stages that are the subject matter of Week 1 of the Heritage Digital Campus.

What will I gain?

The session gives a bird’s eye view of where we are headed in the next two weeks and your first look at a framework that will be explored further in later sessions and which will become a foundation upon which you can build all your understanding of running a digitisation project and building a digital archive.

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