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Track 1: Digitising Manuscripts: DescribingCreating Metadata Using Dublin Core

Code: HDC004

Presenter: Patricia Liebetrau

Venue: Computer Lab 1

Date: Friday April 5, 2013

Duration: 1 day

Style: Workshop, participants hands on with equipment

Participants: 12

Prerequisite: Digital Imaging Essentials

Cost: R1,665 (ex VAT)

This masterclass is Day 3 of the “Digitising Manuscripts” track and is also run by Patricia Liebetrau. When documents are digitised it is essential that associated information is captured too. The quality of a digital object is only as good as the information captured about the object. Metadata is essential for ongoing access and use of digital collections as well as for the long-term preservation of the digital object.

What content will be covered?

The masterclass covers the essentials of creating metadata to describe digitised resources using an open international multifunctional standard, Dublin Core. The role of controlled vocabularies in managing digital information will be discussed and principles of quality assurance will be explored.

What will I gain?

At the end of the masterclass you will understand the purpose and function of metadata as well as a hands-on practical understanding of how to apply what you have learned to your own collections.

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