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Track 2: Digitising Audio: Production of Digital Audio at Archival Standards

Code: HDC005

Presenter: Elijah Madiba

Venue: Classroom 2

Date: Wednesday April 3, 2013 – Friday April 5, 2013

Duration: 3 days

Style: Workshop, participants hands on with equipment

Participants: 10

Prerequisite: Digital Imaging Essentials

Cost: R4,995 (ex VAT)

Elijah Madiba is manager of the International Library of African Music (ILAM) Studio Services and has led ILAM’s audio digitisation projects since 2006. This three day masterclass introduces you to best practice in digitising audio. With just 10 participants each participant will get to practice the process of digitising audio recordings.

What content will be covered?

The class covers the importance of understanding audio carriers in your archive, how they work and how to handle them. Knowing and understanding your playback devices, sound cards, software and connectors. What defines a quality digital audio file and how to make sure that the files you are recording are in accordance with archival standards. We will not only practice the capture process but also the processing and enhancement of digital audio files as well as the capture of associated metadata.

What will I gain?

At the end of the masterclass you will understand what digital audio is and what all the terms that you hear relating to digital audio mean – bit depth (16-bit/24-bit, 96KHz etc), file size, file formats and compression – mp3, wav, space etc. You will also know the standards you need to work towards to produce archival quality digital audio repository, you will know how to work with the various carriers to produce such quality digital files, you will know how to correctly process digitised audio files and how to capture metadata associated with the files.

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