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Track 3: Image Metadata and Data Workflow: Interoperable Archival Standard Metadata for Images

Code: HDC007

Presenter: Sarah Saunders

Venue: Computer Lab 2

Date: Friday April 5, 2013

Duration: 1 day

Style: Workshop, participants hands on with equipment

Participants: 20

Prerequisite: Digital Imaging Essentials

Cost: R1,665 (ex VAT)

Creating a sound data structure is as important as selecting the right images, yet all too often data decisions are  made at the last minute, and the job of organising and cleaning data is underestimated.

What content will be covered?

The aim of this session is to give an overview of the principles of data handling and to enable people working with image archives to plan a data workflow and understand where expert help may be needed. Data fields relevant to the heritage sector will be discussed, along with data mapping, automated data workflows, and semantics, all  within the context of a heritage workflow.

The second part of the day will involve a demonstration of practical legacy data handling using spreadsheets and automated scripting.

What will I gain?

You will gain hands on experience not only in working with metadata for images, but in understanding metadata workflows and the migration of metadata across systems.

Sarah Saunders has helped many image libraries in the UK  with their image and data workflow. She works on the IPTC Photometadata Working Group to create standards for embedded metadata, and has worked with the EU MILE project on metadata in the heritage sector. She has set up a sub group of IPTC to discuss heritage metadata issues. Sarah is the author of the CEPIC/IPTC Metadata Handbook. Graeme Cookson, who works closely with Electric Lane, will take part in the afternoon session on practical data handling

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