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Planning a Digital Archive: Framework for an Organizational Digitization Strategy – Scoping, Screening, Selecting, Preparing

Code: HDC012

Presenter: David Larsen

Venue: Lecture Theatre

Date: Monday April 8, 2013

Duration: 1 day

Style: Lecture and Workshop

Participants: 30

Prerequisite: none

Cost: R1,250 (ex VAT)

This masterclass builds on the brief introduction given in the first introductory session of the Heritage Digital Campus. You do not have to have attended that session, however, since this masterclass will take a far more in-depth look at the framework for building a digital archive with a particular emphasis on the four processes that precede the capture stage in a digitisation project. This session is a lecture with a significant amount of workshopping and is ideal for senior and middle management who need to gain an overall perspective regarding specific digitisation projects and indeed the entire process of building an enduring digital archive.

What content will be covered?

This masterclass will cover the four initial processes involved in a digitisation project. Scoping seeks to gain an understanding of your organisational vision and mission which becomes the foundation upon which a digitisation project can be evaluated. Screening looks at the collections themselves to see whether their content aligns with the organisational vision and mission. Selecting is the process by which collections or parts of collections are identified for digitisation. Finally preparing is the process of gearing up for the actual capture and describing stages establishing workflows and the resources to enable the project to become a reality. Together these processes provide a clear framework for answering the vital Why, What, Who, When and Where questions ahead of any digitisation project getting off the ground, ensuring that the project is set firmly on the road to success being able to be completed on time, at the right standard with minimum wastage.

What will I gain?
You will gain a clear framework for running a digitisation project and building a digital archive well. It will give you a clear understanding of the bigger pictures and allow you to clearly make decisions regarding the entire process. Even if the project is not being carried out with in-house staff, this frameworks will allow you to be in control and clear when interacting with service providers. It will give you the edge to ensure that the projects you undertake are the right projects, that they have the right resources and they are carried out at the right time leading to success.

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