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Sustaining a Digital Archive Overview: Loading, Storing, Accessing and Using

Code: HDC013

Presenter: David Larsen

Venue: Lecture Theatre

Date: Monday April 8, 2013

Duration: half an hour

Style: Lecture

Participants: 30

Prerequisite: Planning a Digital Archive

Cost: no cost for those taking courses in the second week of Heritage Digital Campus

This is a brief introductory session to the rest of Week 2 of the Heritage Digital Campus. Having led the team that wrote the best practices for the National Digitisation Policy, in this brief session David Larsen will build on the framework he will provide in Monday’s “Planning a Digital Archive” masterclass giving context for everything else you are going to learn in Week 2 of the Heritage Digital Campus.

What content will be covered?

Beside Monday’s “Planning a Digital Archive,” the rest of Week 2 focuses on the four processes that come after you have captured and described the content – Loading, Storing, Accessing and Using. This session sets these processes within the overall framework of building a digital archive.

What will I gain?

You will gain a clear framework into which to fit all that you learn in the rest of Week 2 such that it all fits together and makes sense.

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