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Digital Asset Management: Planning and Rolling Out a Digital Asset Management (DAM) System

Code: HDC014

Presenter: Sarah Saunders

Venue: Lecture Theatre

Date: Tuesday April 9, 2013

Duration: 1 day

Style: Lecture

Participants: 30

Prerequisite: Ideal to have done HDC012: Planning a Digital Archive and HDC013: Sustaining a Digital Archive Overview

Cost: R1,995 (ex VAT)

It is often hard to know where to start when setting up a DAM system. DAM System stands for Digital Asset Management System and is the term used in the archiving and media sectors for the computer based systems that store and serve out digital assets. Sarah Saunders has been helping Museums and Galleries on DAM projects for many years, and will lead participants through the process, pointing out the pitfalls, and demonstrating ways to make a DAM project successful and realistic.
With her extensive experience of these projects, Sarah brings light to bear on all parts of the process, including budgeting, procurement, project management and workflow issues as well as managing images and data so they are fit for use both now and in the future.

What content will be covered?

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to run a DAM project, or who is already involved in one. You don’t need to be technical; the course will identify those areas where outside help should be sought, and give you a broad overview of the key areas of expertise which need to be considered.

What will I gain?

At the end of the class, you should have a clear idea of what steps to take in setting up and implementing a DAM system and how to improve an existing workflow. You’ll have benefitted from hearing about other projects, and will be ready to run a tight ship using your available resources.

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