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Internal and External Access: Cost Effective Access, Management Systems and New Media Platforms

Code: HDC017

Presenter: David Larsen

Venue: Lecture Theatre

Date: Thursday April 11, 2013

Duration: Quarter day, first session in the morning

Style: Lecture and workshop

Participants: 30

Prerequisite: Ideal to have done HDC012: Planning a Digital Archive and HDC013: Sustaining a Digital Archive Overview

Cost: R495 (ex VAT)

There are better ways to access a digitised collection than saving the digital objects in folders and sub-folders. In this session David Larsen will introduce you to a number of systems that can ensure effective and efficient access to digitised objects.

What content will be covered?

We will look at a number of systems that enable access to a digital collection from inexpensive off-the-shelf systems that allow internal management of a digital collection on a single computer all the way up to enterprise-level systems with tiered access both internally to your organisation and externally to users via a web interface. In terms of access by external users via a web interface we will also look at various presentation layers geared to certain outcomes whether you are wanting to aid the discovery of your collection, assist academic researchers or offer use rights to publishers and broadcasters.

What will I gain?

You will learn how to think about access systems, their various components and the various options available. You will have a clearer understanding of the needs of your organisation and how to meet those needs appropriate to the budget you have available.

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