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Copyright Protection: Understanding and Implementing Copyright Protection

Code: HDC021

Presenter: Sarah Saunders

Venue: Lecture Theatre

Date: Friday April 12, 2013

Duration: Half day, afternoon sessions

Style: Lecture

Participants: 30

Prerequisite: None

Cost: R995 (ex VAT)

Copyright has become a hot topic for all who work with digital images. Now that images can be duplicated and sent around the world at the touch of a button, protective systems are needed to ensure that rights holders are recognised and paid, and to enable image libraries and archives to license images without losing valuable revenues to copyright theft.
Sarah Saunders works with the standards body IPTC and the European image library association CEPIC on issues relating to copyright protection and metadata. She has been involved in the ARROW Plus and RDI (Rights Data Interchange) EU projects and has spoken at the  about the need for action on copyright starting with metadata, and moving on to global systems for rights protection, including the use of identifiers and registries.

What content will be covered?

Sarah will present the problems and options available to image rights holders and will review where the industry is heading in response to the threats to copyright posed by social media and mass mobile phone photography.

What will I gain?

Those attending the session will become aware of the choices they face in protecting their images and rights both now and into the future.

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