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Interaction with Markets I: Interfacing with Editorial and Commercial Markets for Your Collections

Code: HDC023

Presenter: Rosanne Larsen and Sarah Saunders

Venue: Lecture Theatre

Date: Saturday April 13, 2013

Duration: Quarter day, early afternoon session

Style: Lecture

Participants: 30

Prerequisite: None

Cost: R495 (ex VAT)

Digitised image collections in particular have potential market value in terms of use rights sales. This can be a way of gaining an income stream to sustain the digital collection. But how does one go about it without “selling your soul”? How does one work with the markets in such a way that the integrity of the archive is preserved and your mandate as an organisation is upheld?

Rosanne Larsen has spearheaded the development of Africa Media Online’s picture library since its inception in 2000 and has opened up markets for heritage imagery not only in South Africa but also in a number of regions including Europe, North America and the East. Sarah Saunders has worked with the British Picture Libraries Association and understands the world of representing images to market intimately including both the benefits and pitfalls.

What content will be covered?

This session will look at the difference between editorial and commercial markets and the applicability of various collections for interaction with such markets. It will also look at the checks and balances that you need to be aware of in terms of protecting the integrity of your collection and the subject matter represented by your collection. It will also look at the demands of the markets and best practice in terms of route to market and the supply of that demand.

What will I gain?

You will gain an insight into markets for digital collections and how they operate. And you will gain an understanding of the benefits as well as the pitfalls, and how to avoid those pitfalls. You will also know how to position your collection in the markets and be aware of options in terms of route to market.

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