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It is exciting to see so many South African heritage institutions and custodians of historic collections beginning to engage with the digital age. In so many ways we don’t really have a choice, our survival depends on it. As a result, now more than ever before heritage institutions need to clearly understand the issues, not just in running a single digitisation project, but in building a digital archive for the long-term. It is for this reason that we have gathered what we believe is an amazing team of local and international experts, to give you a comprehensive understanding and hands on skills to engage well with the digital world and ultimately to build a digital archive that succeeds in every way.

The Heritage Digital Campus 2013 will be run from 2-13 April 2013 at Michaelhouse in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands. The Digital Campus has been run in some form most years since 2005. This year, in response to input from participants last year, we have significantly expanded the Campus to be run over two weeks providing courses that thoroughly explore the 10 processes involved in building a digital archive. We would not be surprised if the Heritage Digital Campus is the most comprehensive training in building a digital archive ever offered to working professionals in the history of South Africa!

The Digital Campus includes two parallel digital campus’ – The Heritage Digital Campus for heritage practitioners and the Shutha Digital Campus for media professionals. The two weeks of learning will be complimented by two documentary festivals, DocuFest Africa is a documentary photography and archives festival and Encounters is a documentary film festival.

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