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Comments from Heritage Digital Campus 2012 held at the University of Fort Hare in Alice, Eastern Cape:

Video length: 4 minutes 52 seconds


The entire training has been very useful to us.  It is something that can be done more often.  It is a great supporting and informative tool for institutions like Freedom Park.” (Nomsa Khumalo, Heritage Digital Campus 2012)

Thank you to AMO for a well planned out course, that offered deep insight  and understanding  of Heritage Digital Archive.  My eyes are wide open.” (Ganson Naidoo, Heritage Digital Campus 2012)

Participants in Graeme Cookson’s course, Digital Imaging Essentials, in 2008 gave a rating out of 10 for the different courses. The average rating at the 3 venues was:

Pietermaritzburg: 8.9; Cape Town 9.1; Johannesburg 8.7

Graeme Cookson teaches the Digital Imaging Essentials masterclass at the Cape Town School of Photography (left) and Museum Africa in Johannesburg (right)

What were the major benefits gained from the training?
“This course was extremely professionally presented”
“Graeme’s use of analogies very useful!”
“Detailed info that could not be found in books”
“Understanding what pixels are and how they work”
“Learnt a lot more about levels and curves”
“The order in which to edit an image & the tools to use”
“Colour management – learnt some great rules so I don’t need to rely on eye”
“Better understanding in detecting & fixing image quality problems”
“Being able to identify an image good enough for international market”
“Better understanding of what submission standards I must insist on”

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